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High Street East - Re-surfacing of the Road

This survey is to be completed by the premises owner, if you aren't the owner could you forward this to them as soon as possible.

Rutland County Council have asked Uppingham Town Council to engage local residents and business owners to arrive at the optimum time to re-surface High Street East between the junction with the A6003 and Seaton Road. Some remedial work will also be done to kerb stones at the same time. The work will take approximately 5 shifts (5 days) to complete. Every effort will be made to avoid Friday as Market Day. The dates below are when all or most of the schools are off and the idea behind this is that there is likely to be less traffic in town during these weeks.

At the same time the road is being re-surfaced there is an opportunity to insert a duct which could carry fibre to enable 'fibre to the premise' rather than fibre to the cabinet which currently exists. Council are being asked to consider either fully funding or part funding the provision of the duct - doing so whilst the road is being re-surfaced will cause less disruption.

Heritage Street Lighting

Those of you that stroll the streets of Uppingham in the dark will have noticed an improved street lighting scene. Rutland County Council have been busily replacing the lamps around town with new LED versions. These are significantly more cost efficient and better when it comes to the light being emitted. Uppingham is one of the first parts of Rutland to be switched over.

The Town Council was given the opportunity to think about what type of lighting could be installed in the bulk of the conservation area and decided that it would be good if we could install 'heritage style' columns and lamps more in keeping with the street scene. On this page are images of the type of lamps that would be used rather than the modern equivalent. They will carry the new LED units, but just look significantly better.

The locations having the heritage style lighting are High Street East, Market Place, High Street West, Orange Street, School Lane, top of London Road and the top section of Spring Back Way to Stockerston Road.

This initiative is funded from monies received from the Hawksmead Agreement which now form the Uppingham Town Centre Fund. We would like your feedback and thoughts on this idea particularly if you have a business or live in the above locations. Click on the link below to give us your thoughts now - survey open until 28th February 2017:

Have Your Say - Heritage Lighting

Open Space Review

The amenities committee of the council are currently looking at a number of ideas to improve the land and assets owned by the town council.The most significant one being Tod's Piece which will be the priority in terms of making it more of a park and usable all year round. Other areas under consideration are Beast Hill and Hog Hill.

The committee are keen to hear from you with any views on what you'd like to see in terms of additions and changes, plus if you would like to join a focus group to give input along the way – you'd be very welcome. You can give us some initial views and thoughts by clicking below - survey open until 28th February 2017:

Have Your Say - Open Space Review

The information we are collecting as part of these surveys is important to help members of the council make some decisions on behalf of the community they represent. In submitting your comments and names/post codes council will not use these for any other purposes, nor will it sell this information to any third parties. After these matters have been considered in the timescales outlined above, the consultation views will be removed from this page. Copies will be available as council archive - requests for copies can be made to The Town Clerk.

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