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Just below this text are two files showing the candidates standing for the local elections on 2nd May 2019. Profiles of those current Councillors who are re-standing for election can be found by clicking HERE:

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The Town Hall is once again busy most weeks but we do have some gaps if you want to start your own class or book a birthday party - just check the calendar for What's On and then give us a call or email to get your slot booked in. We also have some allotments free having had a short waiting list - if you want to know more just check our allotment page out.

If you are interested in seeing what Uppingham has to offer then visit our eyecatching website: LOVE UPPINGHAM

What's happening this month?
Most of the classes are back in action now for the new year. To see what's happening at the town hall or if you fancy joining a class just check out 'What's On' for more information.

Check out above all the dates for events in 2019 in Uppingham - all the usual regular things happening plus some new ones.

The Annual Town Meeting for Uppingham is on 24th April 2019 at 7:00pm, there are elections for County and Town Councils on 2nd May 2019. The Annual council Meeting of Uppingham Town Council is scheduled for 15th May 2019 at 7:30pm.

The next full council meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7.30pm - there is a special agenda item each meeting to allow members of the public to make statements. If you have something you want Councillors to hear come and join us.

If you witness anti-social behaviour in Uppingham you can report it by clicking here

Latest News

Good Friday - Uppingham Market

Good Friday - Uppingham Market

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 17:10 by Neil Wedge

Just had a few calls about whether the Market trades on Good Friday - yes it does as always!

Market Place ATM Is Now Charging - Cashzone

Market Place ATM Is Now Charging - Cashzone

Posted: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:27 by Neil Wedge

From the start of this week Cashzone who operate the ATM in the Market Place are charging £0.95 per debit card transaction.

Machines operated by the same group of companies in other retail premises in Uppingham remain free of any charges. The Council have conveyed disappointment to Cashzone at this move given the imminent closure of Barclays Bank and their ATM on High Street West. More »

We have asked Cashzone if they will reconsider the implementation of the charge, but unfortunately the response so far isn't encouraging.

As well as other free to use ATMs in Uppingham, cash in opening hours can be obtained from some retailers. Under the current circumstances you may want to explore the options before incurring these charges. » Less

Uppingham Annual Town Meeting

Uppingham Annual Town Meeting

Posted: Tue, 09 Apr 2019 11:33 by Neil Wedge

Each year Uppingham Town Council facilitates an Annual Town Meeting. This is a public meeting, not a Town Council meeting, and is an opportunity for members of the public to ask any questions of the council and receive updates on the Council's activities over the previous year. More »

The event usually includes updates from charities and organisations that have received financial grants from the Council which gives residents an insight in to how grant money has been spent and the benefits to the town. The Mayor, Miranda Jones, will also present her annual report.

Uppingham Annual Town Meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th April at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Uppingham Town Hall. » Less