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Charity Stalls

Picture shows a man in front of the town council stand

Uppingham is a fantastically generous market town! In 2015 close to £5,000 was raised by local volunteers standing in the Market Place rattling a collection tin, running a raffle or selling donated gifts – whatever the weather!

The Town Council doesn't charge for the space used each Saturday and all we ask is that the dates are booked ahead to ensure we only have one charity collecting each week. If you want to make the stall more eye catching – for £10 you can hire the Town Council gazebo which also helps if the weather is either cold or wet or both! We fully support the fundraising activities of our local volunteers so if you have an idea for an event, just call and we will see how we can help you.

You can see which dates are free this year by opening the 2016 Charity Stall Bookings document and if you wish to reserve a Saturday just let us know by email or by calling 01572 822681.

The Ashton Fund

This Uppingham based charity has a small annual income from investments and land rent. It is established to help and support those in Uppingham who are having a tough time. Over the years it has helped to fund items for the house and family to make life more bearable as well as provide contributions towards school trips, clubs and uniforms.

Each support request is looked at on its individual merit, passed to the committee which is made up of local residents and then responded to. The charity is limited by the funds it has at its disposal each year.

Initial enquiries about support can be made by completing the submission form below or phoning 01572 822681 and speaking to The Town Clerk.

Privacy reminder: Any personal data you input into the form below will not be sold to third parties or used for any other reasons. Its sole use is to help progress the specific enquiry or service you have requested.

You can find out more about how we use your data as well as your rights in our Privacy Notice which you can find here.

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