Distinguished in Place and Repute

I was born in bred in the area and attended Leighfield Primary School and later, Uppingham Community College. My family also lives and work in the town. In fact, three of my Grandparents lived in Lyddington, attending school and working in Uppingham 70-100 years ago.

Being a 'Rutlander' is not only in my blood, but also a huge passion of mine to support the local area and the small businesses within it.

My fiancé, Tom has lived in Uppingham his whole life. Tom and I met in Uppingham when we were 11 years old and have lived together in the town since 2015.

I'm so proud of Uppingham. It's small, quirky feel with so much heritage and especially, the wonderful selection of independent retailers found on Uppingham's unique High Street.

Day-to-day, I run three businesses from Uppingham; a graphic design and media agency, a blog about Rutland and a vintage homewares online shop.

I'm also a Mental Health Advocate and speak openly about my journey living a mental illness to those suffering in silence. I was diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar disorder when I was 14.

I'm also extremely enthusiastic about the environment and exploring new and accessible eco-friendly choices within the home and community.

All of the above sums up why I'm thrilled to be part of the Uppingham Town Council and grateful to have been co-opted as a Town Councillor.

Having grown my blog and online platform to over 11,000 followers over the past four years, I'm often contacted by individuals and families who've visited the area or have moved here after seeing my content. Residents often contact me about concerns and dreams they have for Uppingham and as a young, female voice for the people of Uppingham, I hope to utilise and share this information as a member of the Council.

I couldn't be more passionate about Uppingham and Rutland! I believe it is so important to be involved in maintaining, improving and celebrating this wonderful town which I have been blessed to grow-up and live in.

Last updated: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 14:13