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A picture of the market square

Uppingham Town Centre Fund

Through a housing development by Hawksmead in Oakham, Rutland County Council allocated £62,500 in a legal agreement with the developer toward improvements for Uppingham. The monies have been paid to Uppingham Town Council, who will look to progress projects itself and make the remainder of the fund available to other town based organisations. The scheme was open for a period of 6 months and the projects below were finally agreed.

Applications were received from the following organisations:

  • Uppingham Community College - community tennis facility (awarded).
  • E J Toon Charitable Trust - encourage removal of A boards and replace with wall mounted signs (withdrawn by applicant).
  • Rotary Club of Uppingham - dismantling, cleaning and restoration of the Market Place Monument (declined by Council)
  • Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum - arts, antiques and creative crafts trail (withdrawn by applicant).

The fund is now closed and all monies allocated to projects in Uppingham.

The fund has been allocated in the following way with council members prioritising the Heritage Lighting Project for the residual funds:

  1. Grant to Uppingham Community College to support the community tennis facility - £8,000
  2. Skate Park and Garden on Tod's Piece Pathways Project for Uppingham Town Council - £17,410 (this amount was ring fenced by Council before making the fund available to other groups in Uppingham)
  3. Heritage Street Lighting Project for Uppingham Town Council - £37,090 (to be completed Autumn 2017)

If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to call the Town Hall on 01572 822681.

Last updated: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 19:53