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Events in Uppingham

There are a number of events that take place annually in Uppingham which require full or partial road closures. These activities are organised by local community groups or third parties as follows:

  • The Annual Lent Fair protected by Royal Charter - organised and run by Holland Amusements for over 100 years. This normally takes place in Feb/Mar each year. If you are a parent and your child will be going to the Fair either accompanied or unaccompanied you might like to read this advice from the Health & Safety Executive
  • The Stilton Cheese Classic Car Run is organised by Uppingham First and takes place in late April each year meeting at The Falcon Hotel.
  • Uppingham Feast Day is held each June and is organised by Uppingham Town Partnership Events.
  • The Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show is staged annually in November and this year it will be held on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023. The Fatstock Show has its own organising committee drawn from the local farming community.
  • Christmas in Uppingham is our late night shopping evening with entertainment. The event is organised by Uppingham Town Partnership Events and will be held on Thursday, 7th December 2023.

For more information on our town based events take a look at LOVE UPPINGHAM

For dates of key events scheduled throughout the year,


If you want to organise an event in the town on one of the Town Council's open spaces or in the Market Place - first of all contact the Town Clerk so that the event procedure can be made available to you and any related costs be made known. Contact the Clerk's office via email townclerk@uppinghamtowncouncil.co.uk

An event plan document is here for your information:

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