Have Your Say!!

Your Town Council are looking for feedback on a couple of topics to help members with some initiatives for 2019. This survey is very quick to do, as always your response is valued and will shape what we do. This survey is open until 12 noon on 5th March 2019.

The results from feedback are updated real time here:

New bus stop installed and another to follow soon opposite Queens Road.

Food & Drink Survey (Open until Friday 18th January 2019) for High Street Businesses

We are seeking feedback from Orange Street, North Street East, Ayston Road, High Street East, High Street West and Market Place businesses about an idea to link up with the county wide food and drink event in Autumn each year. The proposal is to stage a 2 day event on 2nd and 3rd November 2019. Before agreeing to any event the Town Council are keen to get input to how this might work if there is widespread support.

Your Data - Town Council Surveys

The information we are collecting as part of these surveys is important to help members of the council make some decisions on behalf of the community they represent. In submitting your comments and names/post codes council will not use these for any other purposes, nor will it sell this information to any third parties. After these matters have been considered in the timescales outlined above, the consultation views will be removed from this page. Copies will be available as council archive - requests for copies can be made to The Town Clerk.

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