The Neighbourhood Plan Committee is made up of members from across the community in Uppingham - if you would like to join the committee please contact the Town Clerk on 01572 822681. The numbers attending and representatives are at an all time high since the committee existed for the first and current Neighbourhood Plan.

The committee are currently working on the following areas:

  • The Review of the Local Plan which has been presented by Rutland County Council
  • Preparation for a refresh and update of the existing Neighbourhood Plan

At the moment specialist reports are being commissioned and quotes obtained to support or challenge the assertions made in the draft Local Plan and lay the groundwork for data and supporting evidence to refresh our existing Neighbourhood Plan.

You can read our feedback to the Rutland County Council Draft Local Plan:

Through our Neighbourhood Plan Committee following the feedback on the Draft Local Plan Uppingham agreed to brief some specialist advisers to help support or otherwise the feedback we gave to Rutland County Council (RCC). RCC asked that in making comments and proposed changes to the draft plan that those providing feedback should where possible supply suitable specialist reports, data or other evidence. As a result a brief has been established and provided to some specialist advisers in this sector - this is below:

Specialist Reports Received in 2018

Reports Commenting on Aspects of the Draft Local Plan and Ahead of a Refreshed Neighbourhood Plan

  • 2018 02 27 The Culshaw Partnership Response to Specialist Brief for Uppingham (PDF, 2 Mb)

    The Culshaw Partnership Response to Specialist Brief for Uppingham - specifically in relation to the proposal contained in the Rutland Retail capacity Assessment (2016 update) with regard to the Town's Secondary Shopping Frontage.

  • 2018 06 28 Report from OPUN East Midlands (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

    The above report was authored by Clive Keble MRTPI on behalf of OPUN East Midlands in May 2018 to help the response to the draft Local Plan and start to identify key pieces of work for the refresh of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan.

Historic Data & Meeting Records

Minutes for Neighbourhood Plan.

Agendas for Neighbourhood Plan.