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Pedestrian Crossing - Ayston Road / Uppingham Surgery

Uppingham Town Council have been pursuing the introduction of improved pedestrian crossing point across Ayston Road near the new Uppingham Surgery. The following is an update from Rutland CC and some scheme plans:

On the 18th April 2017 in Cabinet Report 55/2017 Integrated Transport Capital Programme, a scheme at Ayston Road was approved.

The scheme involved the following elements:

- Pedestrian crossing between Twitchbed Lane and Northgate

- Reduce the speed limit to 30mph 165m to just south of the roundabout

- A build out north of Northgate to include a bus layby

(see the attached pdf for further details)

We are now in the process of targeting costing the scheme and aim to have it constructed before the end of the financial year (31st March 2018). Once we have got the scheme programmed in, we will provide you with a timeframe for the works.

Note from Rutland County Council to Uppingham Town Council

Posted: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 15:11 by Neil Wedge

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