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Cottesmore Hunt - Press Release

On Wednesday 6th, of November Uppingham Town Council considered the motion that, when approached by the Cottesmore Hunt, whether to approve the use of the Market Place on New Years' Day. To date the Hunt have made no application to hold a meet in the Market Place this year.

The voting was follows. For the non- allowance of the Hunt to use the Market Place: 4 votes; to allow the hunt to use the Market place: 2 votes. 7 councillors abstained, and two were absent from the meeting.

The Mayor, Dave Casewell, who was not present at the meeting, said 'more has been read into this vote than perhaps should be. The Hunt had not approached Uppingham Town Council this year, and the motion was more of an exploratory one considering the appropriateness of the application procedure for such an event rather than anything else. The Town Council will clearly listen to the town, seeking its views, and review its decision before the winter of 2020. It is not up to the council to make moral judgement on hunting, but it does have the responsibility to ensure that events held on land that it controls are desired, appropriate and safe'.

Posted: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 14:55 by The Clerk

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