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Coronavirus update - UPPINGHAM FRIDAY MARKET

Coronavirus update - UPPINGHAM FRIDAY MARKET

The Friday Market in Uppingham will be open again this week (3rd April 2020) and will also be open on GOOD FRIDAY (10th April). Only FOOD STALLS and STALLS SELLING ESSENTIAL HOUSEHOLD GOODS will be permitted and those visiting the market are urged to keep TWO METRES apart from others. Each stall will operate a queue management system and Uppingham Town Council will monitor the effectiveness of this approach over the next few weeks.

If Government social distancing guidelines are not adhered to the Council will have no choice but to close the market temporarily.

The Council are advised that if customers know the contact details of a stall holder it may be possible to phone your orders in for pick up later.

Posted: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 09:00 by The Clerk

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